RCU Aquabug ‘Medallion’ Contest 2017

UPDATE 6/14/2017 : 2017 Royal Credit Union Aquabug Winner

2017 Rice Lake Aquafest Aquabug Winner

The Aquafest committee and Royal Credit Union congratulates Kierra Meyer from Rice Lake for finding the 2017 Aquabug medallion. She and her family found the “bug” hiding in a small tree about 2 feet off the ground west of the river in Shudlick park in Rice Lake on Thursday, June 8.

Following the clues that read...
“over the bridge, you will take a right north where bike have rumbled...back on the Avenue of our State, this clue to help those who`ve stumbled...” The hunters then assessed what are would be public property nearby and came up either the park or various school grounds located on Wisconsin Avenue.

The winners intend to use the $1,000 cash prize in multiple ways like a family outing or vacation.

The prize was awarded on Monday, June 12, 2017 by Aquafest board member Anne Gallagher and the sponsor representatives Chris Musil- Rice Lake Branch Manager, Jackie Molden Rice Lake Team Leader and Allie Deaton Rice Lake Branch Teller.

The Aquafest Committee would like to thank Royal Credit Union for sponsoring the contest and local radio stations, WJMC, WKFX, and WAQE for airing the daily clues and the webmaster for posting the clues electronically on the official Aquafest Website.

UPDATE 6/8/2017 : The Aquabug has been found, located in Shudlick Park!

The presentation of the check from Royal Credit Union will be on Sunday afternoon at intermission of the Waterski show in front of the Elks Club 36 East Eau Claire Street. The bug finder is Kierra Meyer. She said the clue about heading down Wisconsin Ave was the one that made her start looking at Shudlick Park as the bug is always hidden on public property, not hidden or submerged, Heading down Wisconsin Ave...several areas are on public property, the park and the area schools. This family are avid bug hunters as they also found the bug in 2015. They plan on spending the money on a family vacation or outing...Allie Deaton from Royal Credit Union will be presenting the check to the winners...

Aquabug Medallion Contest:

Join in the celebration of the 2018 Aquafest celebration and hunt for the RCU Aquabug Medallion. The ‘bug’ is hidden on public property within the Rice Lake Area School District. Clues are posted at 10:30am and 3:30pm daily at the RCU Rice Lake office, announced on radio stations WJMC, WAQE, WKFX, and placed on the official website (www.aquafestonline.com) as time allows.

The finder receives $1,000 in cash, if turned in with-in 12 hours of finding and is wearing an Aquafest button. Non-members or RCU members in good standing are eligible.

Please respect public property as you hunt for this years ‘bug’.

Aquabug Clues:

  TBA for 2018

Front of Medallion


Back of Medallion


Back of Medallion Instructions:


You have found the 2017 RCU Aquabug Medallion

The bug medallion needs to be turned with-in 12 hours of finding. You must be wearing an Aquafest Button. Take the medallion to RCU at 1421 South Main Street (715-234-3319) during regular business hours for verification. After hours the finder of the medallion needs to call 715-296-0839. You will be asked by a committee member to verify that you have found the 2017 RCU medallion. The prize will be awarded on Sunday - June 11, 2017, during the awards ceremony at Intermission of the water ski show located on Lakeshore Drive in front of the Rice Lake Elks Lodge. Paper work will need to be completed and a photo will be requested accepting the prize from RCU.